Why you should keep your website online during travel bans and lockdowns

Your website is your most important marketing and communication tool in trying times

Apart from being a marketing resource to promote and sell, consider your website as a key communications tool for your business. The place to find your contact details, make an enquiry and get the latest information about your status, booking policies and current or future plans. People might not be booking, but they are browsing. Now is not the time to cut your business off from the world.

Protect your Google ranking

Your website has built up SEO value. Your pages, their meta tags, and their content have been indexed by search engines like Google over time. This is invaluable. Taking your website offline will set back this progress significantly. You’ll need this exposure when the market is ready to book, and your competitors won’t lose theirs.

Think long term. Get ahead.

This will pass, when it does, you need to be ready. You’ve invested time and money in the online presence and infrastructure of your business. Don’t start from scratch, use this time to prepare for when your guests start travelling again. Contact us for advice on getting the most from your website’s feature.

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