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Creating an impactful pop-up notification on your Springnest website

Springnest’s pop-up notification feature is a powerful marketing feature that allows you to display valuable information as soon as a website visitor arrives on your homepage. However, like most features, execution is key. So we’d like to share some basic content and writing tips with you so that you get the most value when making use of this feature.

Here are 3 cases where using the pop-up feature would be ideal:

Important Notice

If you need to communicate an important message to potential guests like a renovation notice, or an exciting event that’s happening at your guest house; the pop-up feature is ideally suited.
- Ideal Pop-up Type: Article pop-up or Custom pop-up

Promoting a Special Offer

An instant notification that you are currently running an offer could have a positive effect in driving direct bookings.
- Ideal Pop-up Type: Special Offer pop-up

Encouraging a website visitor to join your mailing list

Email marketing can maximise the retention of existing guests and communicate the value of what your establishment has to offer to potential guests.
- Ideal Pop-up Type: Newsletter sign-up

We mentioned earlier, that execution is key. With this in mind; consider these 4 tips on how to create an impactful pop-up:

  1. Images
    Choose images wisely; ensure that the image/photograph you choose is high-resolution and preferably in portrait orientation. We do not recommend adding an image with text (for example, an event flyer).
  2. Punctuation
    The pop-up feature is already structured to communicate urgency. Avoid exclamation marks as far as possible.
  3. Titles
    Formulate a clear title; that communicates the intention of your message in a concise and enticing way. Eg. Exclusive offer available in March.
  4. Text fields
    Over and above the heading, the pop-up feature allows you to add a summary, body and link field. Use these fields at your discretion; completing these fields is not compulsory but depends on the type of content you have available.
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