The Do's and Don'ts of effective messaging on your website during COVID-19

Your website is one of your most useful tools to communicate to your past and future guests during the COVID-19 pandemic, but getting your message right is crucial. People are flooded with imagery, news headlines and messages about the severity of the current situation; consider these practical content tips as you create impactful pop-ups, blog articles and offers in the coming weeks.

Wording: Communicate positivity and create emotional impact

Avoid where possible

  • Words like "Lockdown" and "Closure"
  • Exclamation marks
  • Single phrase headlines like "Coronavirus" "National Lockdown" "Temporarily Closed" "Important Notice"

Instead try...

  • Be inviting, ensure your visitors that you'll be open for business in the future. Phrases like "We can't wait to welcome you back" or "See you soon" will help communicate confidence rather than doubt.
  • Add a Call-to-action. Lead your visitors to check future rates and availability, or prompt them to sign up to your mailing list.


Avoid where possible

  • Images and illustrations of the virus
  • Symbols that communicate danger and restriction

Symbols or imagery that communicate closure, for example a lock or Closed sign

Instead try...

  • Your most impactful images of your property and facilities, showing details about your experience, or your unique selling points
  • Staff or team photos if you have - communicate a personal message with a welcoming smile
  • If you need to resort to stock photos, use positive and generic images to communicate cleanliness, rest, and positive solitude. We've curated a couple of royalty free images on Unsplash.

Or simply use our ready-made template in the COVID-19 Toolkit

We've added some practical tools in Springnest Admin to help you with your communication during this time. Learn more in the Help Centre.

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