Increase Bookings, COVID-19

4 Website Marketing tactics for your tourism business to consider during a crisis

Operating as an entrepreneur in the tourism landscape can be fickle and unpredictable. Even on the best of days there are a unique set of challenges to ensure that operations run smooth, guests are happy and that your brand's online reputation is protected. Add a slump in bookings to that and things get challenging.

In these moments it's crucial to stay calm and to think about the long term wellbeing of your business. When the slump passes (and it will), you'll need to be ready to drive your business forward and recover missed opportunities. With a slowdown in operations come opportunities to innovate and rethink your website marketing strategy and efforts.

Focus on brand awareness, build your contact list

Something to consider: Simply because people aren't in a position to travel it does not necessarily impact their intent and need for travel. In fact, they are likely spending more time online dreaming and planning where they would likely be  (especially in scenarios when people are encouraged to work from home they are guaranteed to spend more time browsing). Take advantage of this by putting your best images and content forward to create a memorable online experience. While visitor's might not be converting now you can turn their interest into booking intent when they're feeling confident again through targeted email campaigns and offers.

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Prepare for Re-marketing

Another way to turn interest into bookings is through well-timed social media advertising. With visitor tracking tools like Facebook Pixel you're able to show online ads to your website visitors' social newsfeed well after they have browsed your rooms, tours, special offers or blog articles. In this scenario, think of your website as a tool to harvest valuable details about potential guests in times where bookings are slow.

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Consider new markets

When bookings from your traditional key markets might be slowing or non-existent it could be time to broaden your playing field. Look for opportunities to package your product for audiences who have a higher chance of conversion and do not require a lot of risk or investment to target. In the case of COVID-19 an example of this is secluded self-catering getaways without human interaction, targeted at the domestic market.

Clean House

Metaphorically. Put your time to productive use by tackling the tasks you've been placing on hold due to being involved in the day-to-day operation of your business. Plan your blog content, arrange a photo shoot, remove outdated text, brush up on SEO.

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