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4 Practical ways to increase direct bookings using Springnest features

In the article we highlight four practical ways your can use Springnest features to increase the likelihood of generating direct, commission-free bookings through your website.

Keep in mind that many of factors that contribute to direct bookings are already included in your Springnest subscription; without you having to lift a finger. A few of  these include:

  • Have a SEO-friendly site
  • Having a mobile-friendly site
  • clear booking links and calls-to-action

In addition to that, features below will help you to incentivise your visitors to book through your site, rather than shopping around elsewhere. Let's jump in!

Create a Direct Booking Offer

Your website visitors are almost guaranteed look around for the best possible rate or deal they can find before booking their stay or experience with you. Creating a Special Offer to promote a direct booking discount, coupon code or added value incentive (free breakfast, a bottle of wine, or late check-out) could nudge your visitors to book rather than to shop around.  Execution is key, so be sure to write persuasive copy for your offers and consider these added hacks to instantly improve them.

Persuading a website visitor to book is one aspect, however simplifying the booking process is just as important for conversion; which is why we recommend creating your Special Offer on your booking engine and then updating your Call-to-action when publishing your offer in Springnest (Reference step 6 of our Help Centre guide will give you an idea on how to update your booking button within a Special Offer.  PS. Using NightsBridge to power your realtime rates and availability? See how to set up a coupon code in your NightsBridge account.

Customise your website's Special Offer Notification bubble to grab attention

The notification editor allows you to get creative with how you draw attention to Offers you are currently running (the editor allows you to preview your changes in real-time). We developed this feature to grab your visitors' attention regardless of which page they are viewing, so see which combination works for you. More on working in the Notification Editor here.

Say it loud and clear with a Pop-up Message

Springnest's Popup feature has a pre-assigned pop-up type, making it quick and easy to give your latest offer some well-deserved added exposure. Popups appear on you website when a visitor lands on any page, and once dismissed, won't appear for the same visitor for seven days. It's a firm yet considerate way to ensure that your visitors are aware of your latest promotion. More about Popup functionality here.

Bonus Tip: Share your offer to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and promote them in on Instagram to generate more awareness.

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