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Blog Ideas for Hotels, Guesthouses and B&B’s: The Power of Advice

Running an active blog is a simple way to drive traffic to your website and target a specific group of guests. It also improves the frequency and quality of content you are able to share via your social media channels.

With this said, it’s not always easy to find the time and inspiration to publish frequent and relevant articles.

In this post we get the ideas flowing, with 5 new blog topics and titles, leveraging the power of advice.

Top 5 Restaurants or Markets (in your destination)

Food is an important part of travel for many people, and the online foodie culture is growing fast. As a local, think about the restaurants, food joints and markets in your town, and compile them into a blog article. Make your article informative and useful by adding information about each spot (the type of food guests can find there, opening and closing times, price range of the menu etc).

Bonus Tip: Use your Springnest Map Page to pinpoint the location of your recommended restaurants, in relation to the location of your business. Link back to this page from your blog post, giving your website visitors both inspirational and practical information.

Top 5 Activities (for one of your market segments)

Different types of travellers enjoy different types of activities. Think about your target market, and the types of experiences they are likely to look for when planning their trip. Culture and History, Architecture, Nature, Spiritual Experiences, Adventure, Nightlife? Choose a category, and list five attractions or activities under that theme. Write a paragraph about what makes each one worth a visit, remember, provide practical and helpful information.

Travel Tips and Hacks

Travelling has become an art of sorts, and everyone wants to feel that they’re good at it. Simple ‘travel hacks’ can spark serious interest in your market, especially among independent (FIT) travellers. Again, try to make this specific to your destination or region. What advice can you offer that could make transportation, communication and sightseeing a little bit easier, smarter or safer?

Packing Lists

Provide guidance on what travellers must bring on their vacation to your destination. These can work well if you tailor them to traveller type. Eg “What to bring on your family vacation to Mozambique”, “Your West Coast Roast Trip Checklist”. It will appeal to an audience who plan to visit your city or town, and could lead them through to the rest of your content.

Useful Travel Apps

You don’t need your own app to leverage the mobile revolution. Recommend and list mobile apps that appeal to your guests, or that could help them plan, capture, share or improve their trip.

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