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Simple Guidelines for Choosing the Most Effective Images for Your Hospitality Website

Key Questions to Guide Your Image Selection

Before diving into the process of selecting images for your hotel website, it’s crucial to ask yourself a few key questions. These will help you align your visuals with the expectations and preferences of your potential guests.

  1. Who are your ideal guests?Families, solo travellers, couples, business travellers?
  2. What parts of their experience at your property do they typically enjoy the most?Look at your reviews to find common themes guests love.
  3. What unique features set your property apart from the competition?Is it the scenic view, exceptional service, luxurious rooms, or unique amenities?
  4. How do you describe your property to guests or partners over the phone or at trade fairs?Use this description to determine which images tell the story most effectively.

Practical Split of Types of Images

To create a comprehensive and appealing visual representation of your property, divide your images into three main categories: practical images, atmosphere and details, and lifestyle shots.

1. Practical Images

These images provide clear, straightforward views of your property’s spaces and amenities, helping potential guests understand what to expect.

  • Space and LayoutRoom sizes and layoutsCommon areas like the lobby, dining room, and conference facilities
  • EnvironmentExterior shots of the propertyViews from rooms or common areas
  • AmenitiesPool, gym, spa, dining areasSpecial features like rooftop terraces or garden spaces

2. Atmosphere and Details

These images capture the finer details and ambience of your property, evoking a sense of place and style.

  • Close-UpsDecor elements like artwork, furnishings, and lighting fixturesDetails such as fresh flowers, bedding, and toiletries
  • AmbienceLighting that creates a cosy or luxurious feelUnique architectural features or design elements

3. Lifestyle Shots

Lifestyle images show guests enjoying their stay, helping potential visitors imagine themselves at your property.

  • Guest ExperiencesGuests dining, relaxing, or engaging in activities at the propertyFamilies, couples, or business travellers using the facilities
  • Local ActivitiesGuests exploring local attractions or participating in cultural experiencesSpecial events or activities hosted by the property

Once you have categorised your images, it’s time to curate them effectively on your website.


  • Signature Shots: Feature your most visually stunning images that tell the story of your property.
  • Key Highlights: Include images that showcase what makes your property unique.

Room Pages

  • Practical Views: Show different room types with clear, well-lit images.
  • Atmospheric Details: Include close-ups of room features and decor.

Amenities and Services

  • Facility Overviews: Highlight pools, gyms, spas, and dining areas with clear, comprehensive images.
  • Lifestyle Experiences: Show guests enjoying these amenities.

FAQ: Choosing and Curating Images for Your Website

What size should my images be?

While Springnest auto-optimises images to ensure the best possible performance, it’s recommended to use images that are 2000-3000 pixels wide for the best editing experience. This size provides a good balance between quality and load times.

How many images should I use per category?

Less is more. People are used to consuming a lot of visual content and often jump between contexts. Instead of adding 20 similar images, choose your best 2-3 per category. This ensures that each image has a significant impact and keeps your website clean and engaging.

Why should I focus on practical, atmospheric, and lifestyle images?

Dividing your images into practical, atmospheric, and lifestyle categories helps create a comprehensive and appealing visual representation of your property. Practical images provide clear views of spaces and amenities, atmospheric images capture details and ambience, and lifestyle images show guests enjoying their stay. This combination effectively showcases your property and appeals to potential guests.

How often should I update my images?

Regularly refresh your image gallery to keep it relevant and engaging. Update images to reflect different seasons or special events, and add new photos whenever you upgrade or introduce new features.

Can I use images taken by guests?

It is recommended to use professional images on your website to ensure the highest quality and consistency. User-generated content (UGC) is best reserved for your blog and social media channels, where it can add authenticity and engage your audience in a more informal setting.


By asking the right questions and categorising your images effectively, you can create a visually appealing website that attracts and converts potential guests. The right mix of practical, atmospheric, and lifestyle images will provide a comprehensive view of your property, helping guests envision their stay and feel confident in their booking decision. Remember, your images are a powerful storytelling tool—use them to showcase the best of what your property has to offer.

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