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Create a blogging strategy for your tourism brand in 4 simple steps

Why? (Define your goal)

The biggest reason why most tourism brands' blogs go dormant is simply that they haven't thought about the return they hope to see from their efforts. There are different reasons to blog  depending on your product and capacity, and the important part is jotting down some broad goals and expectations before you draft your first article. Here are some popular and proven goals for running a blog on your Springnest site. Your strategy can involve one, or many of these:

  1. Improving SEO - create articles about topics you wish to rank for in Google search results (more about that in the Insider Tips video)
  2. Build trust and emotional connections - create articles about your business, property, or team to create a connection with your visitors
  3. Brand awareness - create articles to announce awards, renovations or important changes to keep visitors informed and show off achievements

Who? (Define your audience)

When planning a new article, make sure it will hold value to at least one of your target audiences. These could include:

  • Broad market segments - people interested in booking accommodation, attending events, or participating in activities in your destination
  • Niche market segments - people with specific interests or needs (eg. honeymooners, business travellers, families, pet owners, thrill-seekers)
  • Returning and past customers - people who have stayed at your property and booked an experience with you before, and know your brand
  • B2B - if you sell to travel partners, agents or operators

What? (Define your topics and themes)

  • Offer advice - publish guides and curated lists about your destination
  • Inspire readers - stunning visuals and videos that evoke emotion
  • Tell stories - give a peek behind the curtain. Share stories about your team or conservation efforts
  • Promote events - create articles to showcase upcoming events at your property or in the surrounding area
  • Press Releases and news - corporate news about new products or awards

When? (Define your calendar)

Know your capacity

A brand with a marketing team or string in-house writing skills will be able to produce more content than a lean owner-run establishment. Know your strengths and be realistic about your capacity. Start with a conservative content calendar (one article a month is a good start!) and develop your strategy over time.

Quality over quantity

The rule of thumb here is quality over quantity. Rather blog less often and create meaningful content, than sticking to a rigid calendar and publishing irrelevant or rushed articles.

Plan in advance

Keeping a document with topics and ideas per month or season will help you avoid a the frustration of a last-minute rush, and will produce better results.

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