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5 Ways Blogging Can Boost Your Travel Business

Running an active blog can increase website traffic, establish your business as an ambassador for your destination, and encourage engagement from potential guests. In this post we highlight five practical ways you can benefit from blogging with Springnest Articles.

1. Encourage Conversation

The fact that blogging is a conversation, is one of its many benefits. Through your content you can encourage ‘call to action’ and proactive debates regarding certain topics. The fact that these conversations are taking place on your website or blog will generate traffic and attract even more readers and followers.

These conversations or articles can be shared across all social media platforms and will direct these prospective clients back to the article source, which is your website.

2. Become a Destination Expert

When communicating online it is important to come across as sincere and genuine. It can be difficult to make that promise to a client without interacting face to face. A way you can establish your expertise within your industry is by writing articles about these topics that you specialize in. You will be able to share the events, festivals and specials taking place in your destination. Sharing your knowledge with those around you will attract readers as well as potential guests and you will become leader within the travel industry. It is about gaining the trust of your online audience and for this regular blogging is crucial.

3. Stand out From the Crowd

Online competition is fierce. It has become increasingly important, and challenging to stand out from the crowd. Blogging allows you to create a unique voice that will be directly associated with your company or business. Posting regular blogs on your website will keep you current in the era of information overload.

4. Direct Communication

One of the biggest benefits of blogging is its line of direct communication. Through your blog articles you can communicate directly with your past and potential guests. Through blogging you can also share your current campaigns, competitions and other news relating to your company and/or service. One of the biggest forms of marketing within the travel business is sharing special offers and promotions Through this communications your audience and potentials guests will be lured to your service, product or destination.

5. Show and tell

Just like story-telling, you have a better chance of reaching your clients by showing them your service and facilities instead of just telling them about it. Writing blogs is a form of online marketing that allows you to showcase the important information and portray your knowledge on a social media stage. View blogging as a form of showcasing your travel business and communicating with your audience by encouraging them to ‘listen’ to your story.

Written by Guest writer: Anneke Steenkamp

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